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Nerve Damage

When I came in to see Dr. Jason, I had recently had a boating accident on a wakeboard. I had messed up my right arm pretty bad. I did do some physical therapy and it helped some, but the pain never went away. I also went to a hand specialist and he told me that there was nothing he could do for me and that it was probably nerve damage. I was having sharp pains, numbness, and no feeling in some areas of my hand and arm. I am right-handed and couldn’t use that very well.

Dr. Jason first took x-rays and a nervous system scan that showed damage in my neck and some parts of my back. I had had a car wreck 19 years ago where I got hit from behind and suffered whiplash from this accident. Dr. Jason explained what the different colors represented on the nervous system scan and then showed me a model of the spine and how your nerves come out from the spine. He told me how the various disks affect various nerves in your body. He also explained how if you have an adjustment it would help.

After having only a few adjustments, the muscles in my arm became more relaxed. No more tight muscles and my fingers were no longer numb! It was like a shot of adrenaline! I have more energy and I don’t go to sleep as much as I use to. I now can water ski, lift weights, and ride my horse with no pain! I feel 100% better and am not even finished with the relief care part yet!

My advice I would give to someone with the same condition? Don’t be scared of chiropractic doctors! Go see Dr. Jason. It can only help you, not make anything worse. You WILL have more energy and feel so much better. I wish I had seen him years ago instead of waiting. I truly believe in chiropractic care now.
~Nina W. 

Better Quality of Life

When I came in to see Dr. Jason, I was very stiff and had a weak lower back. I was also susceptible to throwing my back out at a minimum of twice a year.

Upon my visit, Dr. Jason did a thorough exam with x-rays and a consultation.

My results? I have progressed to the point where I have improved lower back strength while eliminating pain. I am much more active, which enables me to enjoy activities with my family and friends.

My advice I would give to someone with the same condition? It takes time, but chiropractic care definitely works and makes a noticeable improvement in the quality of life.

~Brian M.

Not all chiropractors are the same!

I started coming to Camelot Chiropractic Centre because of neck and low back pain and some pain throughout the shoulders and elbows.

I had been to other chiropractors, but had never been adjusted by hand. Dr. Jason told me that adjusting by hand would be very different from what I had had before. He was right on!

After only three adjustments, I felt the pain in my neck lessen and the pain that was in my lower back was almost gone. I feel more stable through the neck and back. When I do push-ups, I feel more stable and less discomfort in my elbows, neck, and back. He even made an adjustment on my ankles and I had not even mentioned that they pained me. I thought the pain was from being on my feet all day. Needless to say, my ankles don’t bother me as much anymore.

Understanding that I have only been seeing Dr. Jason a short while for the improvement I have felt, I will tell everybody I know about Camelot Chiropractic. The adjustments are fast and produce great results! I really look forward to the appointments. I don’t know why it took me so long to find this practice, but I am glad I did.

~B. W.

Traumatic Injury

When I came in to see Dr. Jason, I had serious whiplash in my neck caused by an auto accident. I was hit in the front left quarter by a car out of control. I had constant pain and was very restricted in my head movement.

On my first visit, I had x-rays and an evaluation done. On other visits, I had adjustments and treatments. Progress of my treatment was measured and recorded on a computer program. Treatment was very careful and thorough. Dr. Jason was very professional and caring. The entire staff was also friendly and always helpful.

All of my pain is gone! The most notable change I have is the greater lateral movement now than before. I have noticed this change mostly in my side vision while driving.

My advice? Definitely get chiropractic help. There is no other appropriate and successful treatment of spinal and neck injuries.

~T. B.

Not dependent on medicine anymore!

When I came in to see Dr. Jason, I was having headaches 2-3 times a week, having sleep disorders, and low energy. Each time I had a headache, I was taking about 600-800 milligrams of ibuprofen. I thought I had to live with the headaches and dependency on medicine for the rest of my life. 

On my first visit, Dr. Jason explained to me that this wasn't normal. He showed me on a subluxation chart where my body wasn't functioning normally. Seeing that, I was ready to start treatment right away!

I am loving my results. I now am pain free and medicine free. No more headaches! Also, since getting regular adjustments, I now sleep through the nights and my energy level has pick up tremendously. My family is glad to have me back.

My advice to others? Don't think migraines/headaches are normal and this is what the rest of your life is like. Seek out chiropractic care! I sure am glad I did! 
~Rachel G.

Only 21 years old and suffering for 3 years!

I have been having lots of pressure on my back for a few years. I can even remember complaining of back pain in 2008 (now 2011). It was all day, every day. It would just hurt, making me uncomfortable to sit or stand for ling periods of time.

Dr. Jason adjusted my neck and back in different places and really made a big difference. One day I woke up with a crook in my neck after sleeping wrong. After my adjustment, when I left, I realized the pain was gone.

~Z. W. 

Could Not Sleep

When I came in I had a very stiff back and could not sleep. I had a lot of pain in the neck and was very uncomfortable. Dr Jason was very professional and explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. He is always educating me on what my body is doing. Camelot is a very professional organization. My results have been outstanding, 90% of my pain is gone. My advise is--come by and stick with it. It is a gradual process and you have to be consistent.

~Shane H.
(When Shane came to us he was very healthy, worked out regularly, ate well, and is only in his 30's. Spine and nerve problems can really effect your quality of Life. He is doing great with regular adjustments!! -Dr Jason)

Back Pain and Leg Pain

I had back pain and was sent by my doctor for physical therapy, it was not improving. A friend advised that I might try a her chiropractor, so I did. I came in for the first visit, talked about my problem, came for the second visit and explained what they needed to do. I stated treatment, much relief after 3 visits and am pain free. Now working on a groin muscle which is getting better.

~Sam M.
(What Sam is not telling you is that an MRI revealed a disc extrusion(the worst type of disc herniation), he couldn't walk upright and was taking RX pain meds when he came in. He's a man of few words but has done remarkably well! -Dr. Jason)

2 Years of Arm Numbness and Many Years of Chronic Migraines, Better.

When I came in I was experiencing reoccurring migraines, numbness in my arms and hands, lower back pain and extreme tightness in my upper back. 
Dr J and staff treated me like a Queen. Everyone was very hospitable and very attentive to my needs. I have had several different types of treatments (in the office) which have improved my health and well being.
After 4 months I have not experienced a migraine in over a month, and my upper and lower back do not constantly ache anymore. 
Do not believe what others might say about chiropractors. I too heard that same. Find one that makes you feel comfortable and is committed to your recovery. As for me, I recommend Camelot Chiropractic!!!
~Lisa P.

I'm Now Drug Free!!!

When I came into Dr. J's wellness center my back was in so much pain, but after working with Dr.J I am not only moving better, I'm drug free!! Dr.J and staff were the best. They treat me like a I'm one of their own... Not only am I impressed with the care, bu they also told me some things I need to do to stay healthy.
The reason I say I am drug free is that when I came in I was taking Oxycodone (for a year)and have not taken any in three weeks...Thanks to Dr.J
The advice I would give to someone with the same condition? Be on time, come to All of your appointments, work with DrJ and believe you'll get better.
~Nina E.

TESTIMONIAL: My Results Speak

When I first came into the office, I was over tired, had bouts of constipation, too many cravings for salt and sugar. I needed more structure in my diet.Dr. Lisa listened to my concerns and helped me to come up with a workable plan starting with the Purification Program.

My results speak for themselves: 
-Weight loss 
-No cravings 
-Better sleep 
-Better mood

Be open-minded – find a way to make it work for you individually because it is worth it. 
~Julie C.

TESTIMONIAL: Follow Up is Key

When I first came into the office, I had fast food eating habits and was overweight. I had a knee injury that caused painful back issues. I also had an unexplained skin rash.

Dr. Lisa listened to answer any questions and was totally approachable. She provided an outline of menu items and the guide for the week was paramount. The menu was interesting with natural substitutes for processed foods. I am now reading labels, checking ingredients, and shopping the outer parts of grocery stores. Close follow up was a big key for my success.

My results speak for themselves:

Much better eating habits and cooking is fun again

Cooking change was not difficult, only required planning 
Lost 10 pounds – knee is much better, carriage issues diminished 
Skin hot spots are much calmer 
Attitude calmer 
More focused 
Never hungry 
Sleeping better, reduced snoring 
No more morning fog – awake easily

I enjoyed the Purification Program. It was easier than I thought it would be – support at home was most helpful. I am seeing new things in grocery store. I ate tasty foods; each vegetable I ate was like finding an old friend. 
~Jan B.


When I came in I was pregnant with a sciatic nerve pain. It was very painful.

The staff here provided me with so much information from day one and it made me feel very comfortable and not so nervous. 

My results were great. I could move around a lot easier to shop and in the middle of the night. No more aches and pains in my lower back. 

Go see a chiropractor ASAP. Do not wait. Keep your appointments so that you can see the results of your treatment.
~Brittny S.

TESTIMONIAL: Old Injury with New Face

I was having 1-2 migraine headaches a week, having to take Imitrex for them, under major stress, and had lower back, hip and leg pain. I did not feel well, and it showed in my posture and attitude.

Dr. Jason found I had a previous neck injury from whiplash years ago and worked with my neck and lower back and hips. He also gave some good suggestions on diet and other healthy lifestyle changes I could make to fit my life that I could do. As the treatments progressed, my headaches and muscle/skeletal tension began to fade away. He also gave good suggestions on muscle tone, function and weight loss.

I feel better and more contented with life. My migraines have been almost stopped, and when I do have one or two a month, Advil or Motrin relieves them. I am able to do more work and play, am more alert, and my energy level has doubled or more. I am more able to enjoy life and participate more with my 13 year old daughter's activities and take care of home and family better. My boss has noticed my improved outlook also.

PLEASE TRY CHIROPRACTIC! It is a lot easier on the body than prescriptive medications, and you will be amazed at how much better and relaxed you will feel.. At first I was skeptical, but after a week, it was amazing how much it had helped.

~Esther C.


When I first came into the office, I had neck pain and middle back pain. I also was having a problem with my blood pressure being very high.

Everyone here has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I could not ask for any better care or concern.

I have been coming here about 2 months and I do not have any neck pain, my middle back pain is nearly gone but the most amazing thing is that my blood pressure went from 200/100 to 120/80.

Come here! Let everyone here take care of you and you will never regret it! 
~Kathy R. 

TESTIMONIAL: Chiropractic First

I previously had been to a Bone & Joint Physician, physical therapy for weeks but there was no improvement in my left shoulder. The pain was excruciating. My son gave me a gift certificate to Camelot Chiropractic for Mother's Day. Thus began my journey to recovery.

Dr. Jason Kucma and staff were most cordial. It was the most pleasant office I have been in for a while. They were very concerned regarding my problem and anxious for me to return to normalcy. Hands on was the answer.

I now can reach up, touch the middle of my back and actually sleep on my left side. I could do none of this prior to my visit to Dr. Kucma.

At least give Camelot Chiropractic a try FIRST before wasting months of time with other avenues of treatment. 
~Carlette A.

TESTIMONIAL: Arthar... is NOT welcome here!

I had been experiencing shoulder pain on a regular basis for about two years. I had been diagnosed with slight osteoporosis after two bone-density scans. I believed that my shoulder pain was just symptomatic of my condition and accepted it as a natural part of the aging process.

Regular arthritic pain medications upset my stomach and I didn't want to rely on other pain medications.

Raising both arms over my head was painful. Putting on my coat was painful. Reaching behind me in my car was painful. Putting on my seat belt was painful. Worst of all, trying on clothing while shopping was equally as painful. Without realizing it, I had started compensating by not using my right shoulder as much and avoided extending it. I gave up exercising on a regular basis.

As a New Year's Resolution, I promised that I would finally do something about my persistent shoulder pain. That is when I found Dr. Jason.

It was a welcome change from the clinical, sterile atmosphere that one would experience in a doctor's office. In general, everything was friendly and welcoming and I never had any waiting. But more importantly, I felt that someone finally cared enough to get involved in relieving my pain. Dr. Jason really puts a lot of himself into his work with his patients.

At first, most movement was painful but after several visits, it became less and less uncomfortable. I felt as though I had my own personal coach who really cared about my having a positive outcome.

I now enjoy pain-free days and have not given much thought to my shoulder. I can put on my jackets and coat with no pain. Driving is no longer painful. I have the same range of motion that I experience with my other shoulder. Shopping for clothing is no longer a pain in the shoulder, just in my wallet.

Pain is not a natural part of the aging process. It is something that you just have to live with. I had to take the first step to get help. I have learned to be more proactive when it comes to my own health care. I would advise anyone to do the same.

~Carol C.

TESTIMONIAL: Back to playing with my Grandkids!

I had pain in my lower back which radiated down one and most of the time both legs. I was unable to sit in a wooden chair because pain radiated down my buttocks and leg and sometimes caused burning pain. I had problems walking. My legs would become weak. I had to hold onto the railing when I climbed stairs. I also had problems lifting and bending. I was not able to play with my grandchildren due to so much pain.

Jason did a complete head to toe assessment. Staff was very helpful and pleasant. After Jason's assessment, he showed me a chart. It described my pain and the areas involved. Jason was honest from the beginning. It is not a quick cure. It takes time to heal.

I am now able to climb stairs most of the time without help. My grandson stays with me now because Grandma can play again. I am much stronger in the legs and back.

Chiropractic is better than surgery. Be patient. It takes time. The muscle stimulation therapy felt great and helped me relax.

~Marilyn M.


When I first came into the office, I had what felt like a very bad stiff neck. The pain was constant and I could not find any relief in the way I was sitting, standing or lying down – a whiplash type injury.

The doctor sent me for x-rays following my initial consultation. At the follow-up visit I had 2 adjustments with electro-therapy. The doctor and staff have helped my situation tremendously in a very short period of time.

I can sleep without waking or feeling constant pain. My normal day to day activities have been returned to what they were prior to my pain.

Seek treatment as soon as you are able. 

~Stuart S.

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